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GARTNER Law & Consulting

Your legal and financial advisor

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About us

Gärtner Law & Consulting is a swiss boutique among the legal and financial service providers, led by the founder and owner. Our claim on your behalf is: 

Serious - Fast - Expeditious - Trustworthy


Our decades of experience and our network of specialists are at your disposal around the clock.

Discretion, professionalism, and loyalty for our clients is our credo - in the end we are only committed to the law and our clients.


From our headquarter in Zug, Switzerland, we can serve our clients worldwide. Whether Switzerland, Europe, the Middle East or Asia. Our experience and network covers these regions excellently.

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  1. Legal advice

  2. Company formation

  3. Board of Directors

  4. Financing

  5. Risk management

  6. Special solutions

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