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Navigating the Corporate & Commercial Landscape with Gartner Law & Consulting

As experts in corporate law, we serve as trusted advisors to businesses operating within an increasingly complex legal framework. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive guidance on all facets of corporate law to our corporate clients.

Our Corporate & Commercial team is dedicated to delivering legal solutions tailored to the needs of a diverse range of corporate clients, spanning from large international and national blue-chip corporations to mid-sized and small privately held companies. Regardless of where a business stands in its evolution, we offer counsel on standard transactions, intricate corporate governance issues, and the full spectrum of daily corporate and commercial law matters.

Our practice group operates collaboratively with our colleagues in Tax, Employment, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, and other relevant fields to ensure that we deliver practical, customized, and innovative solutions to our clients.

Complex Corporate Transactions

At Gartner Law & Consulting, we have cultivated special expertise in advising on complex corporate transactions, including:

1. Group Restructurings, Spin-offs, Separations, and Carve-outs: Providing strategic guidance on reshaping corporate structures.

2. Capital Increases and Decreases: Advising on capital adjustments to align with business needs.

3. Share Buybacks: Assisting in the repurchase of company shares.

4. Statutory Mergers, Asset Transfers, and Demergers: Navigating intricate legal procedures for mergers, asset transfers, and demergers.

5. Joint Ventures, Partnerships, and Shareholders Agreements: Structuring collaborative ventures and agreements that safeguard interests.

Corporate Governance

Our advisory services extend to all facets of corporate governance, encompassing:

1. Corporate (Re-)structuring and Governance Implications: Providing insight into the implications of corporate restructuring on governance.

2. Board (Committee) Structure, Composition, Succession Planning, and Self-evaluation: Assisting in optimizing board effectiveness.

3. Director Fiduciary Duties, Conflict of Interest Situations, and Related Party Transactions: Ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.

4. Structuring Executive Compensation: Aligning compensation practices with legislative requirements.

5. Legal Risk Management Analysis: Identifying and mitigating legal risks.

6. Corporate Governance Materials: Crafting governance materials, including disclosures in annual reports.

7. Special Board Investigations and Expert Opinions: Providing specialized investigations and expert assessments as needed.

8. Shareholder Relations: Addressing shareholder concerns, activism, and governance proposals.

9. Review and Update of Organizational Regulations and By-laws: Ensuring organizational documents align with current legal standards.

General Corporate and Commercial Law Advice

Our corporate law specialists stand by our clients' side throughout their corporate journey, offering guidance on:

1. Formations: Assisting in the establishment of various legal entities and business organizations.

2. Corporate Actions: Advising on corporate actions such as board meetings, shareholder meetings, dividends, and director changes.

3. Disclosure and Corporate Housekeeping: Ensuring compliance with disclosure requirements and corporate record-keeping.

4. Restructurings, Reorganizations, and Liquidations: Providing strategic counsel on business transformations and closures.

We possess expertise across all legal entity types and business structures, including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, associations, and foundations.

Additionally, we offer further guidance on commercial agreements, such as sales, distribution, agency, and servicing agreements.

At Gartner Law & Consulting, our mission is to serve as your dedicated partners in navigating the intricate terrain of corporate and commercial law, delivering practical and strategic solutions that empower your business to thrive.

Your partner at Gartner Law & Consulting
Andreea Ioana Nechiti, lic.iur.

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