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Providing Expert Assistance for Complex and International Disputes at Gartner Law & Consulting:

In the realm of intricate, global conflicts stemming from complex transactions, arbitration often emerges as a superior alternative to national courts, which may not be suitably equipped or available to resolve such disputes.


At Gartner Law & Consulting, we specialize in representing clients in commercial arbitration proceedings and their associated court actions and enforcement measures. Our expertise extends to both ad hoc and institutional arbitrations, governed by Swiss or foreign law. We boast a wealth of experience in proceedings administered by prestigious arbitral bodies. Within our arbitration team, our members assume pivotal roles as party-appointed arbitrators, sole arbitrators, and tribunal chairpersons.


Our international arbitration team's exceptional quality, size, and experience enable us to handle substantial and intricate cases. Our portfolio encompasses diverse areas such as international acquisitions, joint ventures, privatizations, R&D, technology transfers, financing, sales of goods, construction and large-scale projects, commodity trading, sports arbitration, oil and gas, as well as IP/IT disputes.


Here are some of the ways we lend support to our clients in arbitration:


1. Party Representation: Serving as counsel in arbitration proceedings, both ad hoc and institutional, including bodies like ICC, the Swiss Chambers of Commerce, DIS, LCIA, the Vienna Center, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, the Milan Chamber of Arbitration, SIAC, AAA/IDCR, and CAS.


2. Arbitration Leadership: Assumption of roles as chairman, co-arbitrator, or sole arbitrator, ensuring impartial and judicious decision-making.


3. Award Enforcement and Challenges: Offering counsel in the enforcement or contestation of arbitral awards and providing preliminary measures to support arbitration proceedings.


4. Mediation Expertise: Serving as mediators or offering counsel in mediation processes, facilitating amicable resolutions.


5. Arbitration Expertise: Leveraging our extensive expertise as arbitration experts, bringing our knowledge and acumen to bear on complex cases.


Gartner Law & Consulting is your destination for best-in-class arbitration services, ensuring that your complex and international disputes find expert and pragmatic resolutions.


Your partner at Gartner Law & Consulting

Andreea Ioana Nechiti, lic.iur.

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