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Navigating the Complex Terrain of Capital Markets & Listed Companies with Gartner Law & Consulting

In a highly regulated realm, where complex capital markets transactions unfold, expert guidance becomes paramount. The same holds true for listed companies and their shareholders, who must navigate the intricacies of securities law and compliance in a dynamic landscape.

In the face of volatile markets and fleeting windows of opportunity, a nimble, hands-on legal team armed with extensive regulatory acumen is indispensable. Gartner Law & Consulting offers this expertise, standing as your trusted partner in deciphering the intricate laws and regulations governing public companies and their stakeholders.

Capital Market Transactions

We stand at the forefront of structuring innovative capital markets transactions, boasting a wealth of experience representing issuers and underwriters in both domestic and international securities offerings. Our suite of services encompasses transactional support, along with specialized guidance related to securities issuance and subsequent trading in secondary markets.

Our expertise spans a wide array of industries, with a particular emphasis on healthcare, industrials, technology, banking, and insurance. Our services encompass:

1. Transaction Structuring: Crafting the architecture for diverse capital market transactions.

2. Documentation: Drafting all necessary contractual, disclosure, and corporate documentation for offerings.

3. Regulatory Compliance: Providing expert advice to ensure full regulatory compliance during offerings.

4. Swiss Listing Expertise: Tailoring international issuance programs to align with Swiss listing requirements.

5. Listing Assistance: Guiding clients through the listing process and managing listing applications with the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Listed Companies

Our specialized team offers guidance to listed companies and their shareholders on matters of corporate and securities law, as well as corporate governance.

Our comprehensive expertise spans the entire spectrum of legal issues relevant to listed companies, drawn from our extensive history as trusted advisors to some of the nation's foremost firms.

We routinely advise clients on:

1. Shareholders' Meeting Organization: Streamlining the logistics of shareholders' meetings.

2. Corporate Governance: Addressing corporate governance concerns.

3. Securities Law & Stock Exchange Compliance: Ensuring adherence to securities law and stock exchange regulations, including ad hoc publicity and management transaction disclosures.

4. Crisis Management: Providing strategies for crisis situations, including proxy battles and change of control transactions.

5. Defensive Strategies: Crafting defense strategies as needed.

6. Shareholding Disclosure and Representation: Managing mandatory shareholding disclosures and representing clients in suspected violation cases.

7. Compliance Programs: Developing and implementing compliance programs.

8. Regulatory Investigations: Navigating regulatory investigations and proceedings before the SIX Swiss Exchange and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

9. Shareholders' Rights: Safeguarding shareholders' rights.

At Gartner Law & Consulting, we stand ready to guide you through the multifaceted world of capital markets and listed companies, offering strategic and comprehensive solutions that empower your financial endeavors.

Your partner at Gartner Law & Consulting
Andreea Ioana Nechiti, lic.iur.

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