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Investment properties

Our recommendation: Real property

No shares, no funds, but real property with land register entry. This makes you less dependent on the stock markets - and on us.

Our services

We take the stress out of buying and selling investment property and work every day to make it as easy as possible for you.

Property Acquisition

Our acquisition team searches for attractive income properties for you every day, finding the needle in the haystack. Out of more than 100 analyzed properties, only 3 to 5 are shortlisted.

Real estate transaction

To ensure that every investment is on a sound footing, this team reviews every transaction in detail. This ensures that everything is legally sound and that the figures and documents are correct.

Complete documentation

To help you get a good picture on our platform, we create high-resolution photos, videos, a 3D tour, and a printed brochure for each property.

Customer support

Our account managers are in close contact with investors and buyers. As a result, your personal contact is available to provide advice and assistance before, during and after a transaction by phone, email, live chat or in person.

Real Estate Asset Management

Our Real Estate Asset Management team is happy to take the work off your hands and take care of professional management and leasing. We also provide you with quarterly reports on your property's activities and finances.

Risk analyses and risk assessments

  • Especially at a time when projects can involve significant risks, it is important to know the relevant risks and to track and mitigate them accordingly through continuous risk planning.


  • Our specialists conduct such 360-degree risk analyses and take a position on the risks on this basis. In addition, we provide our customers with well-founded assessments as well as proposals for solutions.


  • On the one hand, we can advise and support our customers on a mandate basis; on the other hand, our specialists can also work operationally as temporary managers in our customers' companies. This decision is up to our customers.

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