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Navigating the Complexities of the Public Sector

The public sector is constantly evolving, with its tasks and regulations expanding, and the interface between the public and private domains growing more intricate. In this intricate legal environment, you need dependable and well-considered legal counsel.

At Gartner Law & Consulting, we offer guidance, support, and representation to clients operating within the public sector, be it at the federal, cantonal, or municipal levels. When complex legal issues arise, our team of experts is ready to provide the expertise and determination needed to find solutions. Our public sector clients encompass a wide spectrum, including authorities, public officials, public entities, companies, and public-private partnerships in fields like transportation, healthcare, financial services, education, research, and energy.

What Sets Us Apart? Tailor-made Solutions and Unmatched Quality.

Our experts possess an in-depth understanding of various aspects of public and administrative law, including the nuances of administrative proceedings. We appreciate the complexities and unique demands of the public sector, allowing us to provide advice that always considers the bigger picture. Our solutions are highly specific, taking into account the often divergent and competing interests at play.

Key Areas within the Gartner Law & Consulting Public Sector Practice Encompass:

- Constitutional law and general administrative law, including administrative procedures
- International law
- Public procurement
- Internal market law
- Concessions and legal monopolies
- Sanctions law
- Environmental law
- Public employment law
- Governmental and liability matters
- Public levies
- Public-law property restrictions

When you partner with Gartner Law & Consulting, you're choosing a team that can adeptly navigate the intricate landscape of the public sector. We're dedicated to providing you with tailored solutions and unparalleled quality in an ever-evolving legal environment.

Your partner at Gartner Law & Consulting
Andreea Ioana Nechiti, lic.iur.

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